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The Band

Satellite, Vol. 0.5: Their Otherselves

by Time Space Reality

Released 2017
Time Space Reality Limited
Released 2017
Time Space Reality Limited
Time Space Reality is a band influenced by our musical time, both past and future. It captures the style and influence of Acid Country Folk, Classic Rock, Rock, Alternative Rock, Pop Rock, Pop & Folk Rock sounds.
TimeSpaceReality - Pre Album: 6 Track Release. or on Facebook

Watch the with Official 4K HD Music Space Video & Rocket Launch which in 4 weeks has had over 35 500 views. Mission: to deploy their Music Satellite V0.5!

It's finally Official - Charlie Cawood's Band TimeSpaceReality Debut Pre Release Album IS OUT:

The Song sung from Space, called "Their OtherSelves" was broadcast out over Radio Waves from the International Space Station. On the Video you will see beautiful live and real 4K HD footage of scenes set in Space and over the earth, while Charlie Sings and plays the guitar. Followed by a Lead Solo fading out into space. Listen out for the Live Cosmonauts messsage to the World... looking over 4K HD visuals of Earth!

TimeSpaceReality is now in over 150 Digital Platforms, including Youtube, Vimeo and further Radio Waves across the planet, and out in Space.. and will be making it's way into these clusters over the next few weeks, given the distance of the TimeSpaceReality - Rockets destination. Earthling's we appreciate your patience - as we're dealing with heavy "Electric Magnetic" waves. You will find the song on all the streaming platforms world wide... and iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and many more... for a rather simple and quick download, from the RocketShip! Far quicker than it was to make!