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Charlie Cawood - & TimeSpaceReality©

Charlie Cawood, Founder and creator of TimeSpaceReality© Band and Time Space Reality Publisher©, Record Label©, Marketing Agency and Band under the same brand.  "We're dedicated to amazing quality of sound and art works for Planet Earth and works for all generations to enjoy beyond it's and their  time". Charlie / TimeSpaceReality's song writing and sounds link deep into the origin and style influences of all the great bands of Progressive Rock, Classic Rock, Rock, Alternative Rock, Pop Rock, Brit Pop, Folk Rock, Country, Acid Country, and even classical music. Both have been heavily influenced by our musical time line of Bob Dylan, Hank Williams, Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, Shawn Phillips, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Diamond, Cat Stevens, Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr and many other great contributors and bands, both past and current.  His band TimeSpaceReality has 5 guitar enthusiasts, a drummer, keyboarder and vocalists. "There is significant theme and love for Orchestral sounds and melodies to assist in rocking notes and sound waves deep into one's heart, mind and soul".

The lead vocals, guitar and song writer is Charlie Cawood. He released his debut albumn E.P. on the 11th of February 2017 and his songs and music videos have been on Sky TV, FreeView and FreeSat and on radio stations around the world. His songs have also made into the European Top 40. He has produced his own muisc videos and edited and scripted the story telling along with the songs. In 2017 Charlie was covered in Country Music People, Country Music & Dance, Up Country magazines on the Top 20 Hotdisc TV Show.

These solo soul searching guitars melodies, lead and solo's with smooth vocal's of vibrational words, bring sounds and themes of philosophical melodies echoing across all Time, Space and Reality... Our dream is to bring a unique sound into the 21st Century with melodies, vibrations, words and musical poetry that will flow across all time, space and reality. Time Space Reality have also released the bands version of this song with an Amazing Space HD Music Video to celerbrate it's Debut Single which has had over 40 000 views in less than 4 weeks. While also being on all digital download channels and video social sites. Both Charlie and Time Space Reality can be found at

Charlie in his formative years was heavily influenced by all the classical greats driven through Classical philharmonic orchestra's and string quartets that he would travel with his Great Gran to City Hall's and acoustic museums to listen to the beautiful sounds energising his Soul. It was during this time that he was included into a large city boys choir where he continued his interest in music. It was in his early teens that picked up the acoustic guitar after years of influence imprinted on him by his Uncle and Mother whom was a private school music teacher. Albeit, he never found the opportunity to exploit the theoretical understanding of music as a career, his ear and fingers explored for years the strings, notes and keys of two instruments the acoustic guitar and later in life the piano. Albeit, his father's love for music during all his formative years left a significant musical impression which carried out through his teens.

He finds his passion by being the creative innovator of Charlie (Acoustic / Lead / Classical Guitar Singer and Piano song writer) and Time Space Reality (while owning the Label and Publisher The Time SpaceReality Group of Companies Limited) which will be his all influences he's had in music in particular Acid Country / Classical Rock with a mix of the rest. He / Band plan to bring out a full Album later after this years mini Albums for both Charlie Cawood (Introspective) and TimeSpaceReality Satellite V.05. Charlie has written 100's of songs on all sorts of instruments, mainly the Electric, Acoustic, Classical Guitar and Piano. He is the creative song writer for all his music while lead singer and lead / acoustic creative innovator of new sounds for the Band. Sounds which will be later themes and creatives on his second Album for Time Space Reality. He enjoys writing songs with inspiration from his Universal Creator. He has had all sorts of influences of music from Classical Philharmonic Orchestra through each decade from the 1800's with significant influences to the early 1900's. Then more from the 50/60/70/80/90 and present even such as Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Cat Steven, Neil Dimond, Neil Young, Elvis, Beach Boys, Beatles, Dire Straits, Elton John... the list is endless....he has a rich diverse interest of music and listens to Spotify with all Top 40 hits, bands and all Artist across time, including all the latest releases on his SONOS system every day.