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About The Band

Time Space Reality

Time Space Reality is a band influenced by our musical time, both past and future. It captures the style and influence of Acid Country Folk, Classic Rock, Rock, Alternative Rock, Pop Rock, Brit Pop & Folk Rock sounds. The band has 5 guitar enthusiasts, a drummer, keyboarder and vocalists. There is also a keen support with Orchestral sounds and melodies to rock waves deep into your soul. The lead vocals, guitar and song writer is Charlie Cawood. He released his debut albumn E.P. on the 11 of February 2017.

These solo soul searching guitars, lead and solo's with smooth vocal's of vibrational words bring sounds and themes of Philosophical Melodies echoing across all Time, Space and Reality. Our dream is to bring a unique sound into the 21st Century with melodies, vibrations, words and musical poetry that will flow across all time, space and reality. We're also unique and rare as we are our own Publisher, Record label, Marketing Agency and Band under the same brand, which is dedicated to amazing quality of sound and art works for Planet Earth and beyond!